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BSR Playlist - 2019-06-27 - Season 13 Episode 9 - Atlanta Airport Blues

Have you checked out Spotify to listen to the "Soundtrack of BSR". See for a link!

Borrowed from Sinfest a long time ago...

S13E09 Raw Playlist (Experimental)

Song: "Stream Is Down"
Thu Jun 27 19:59:15 DST 2019
Song: "Stream Is Down"
Thu Jun 27 20:00:18 DST 2019
Song: "Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama"
Thu Jun 27 20:05:12 DST 2019
Song: "Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio"
Thu Jun 27 20:09:23 DST 2019
Song: " - BSR Opening MP3 Final"
Thu Jun 27 20:57:35 DST 2019
Song: "Willie Nelson - Please Come to Boston"
Thu Jun 27 21:01:57 DST 2019
Song: "War - Low Rider"
Thu Jun 27 21:05:05 DST 2019
Song: "Wall of Voodoo - Ring of Fire"
Thu Jun 27 21:10:08 DST 2019
Song: "Vicki Lawrence - The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia"
Thu Jun 27 21:13:47 DST 2019
Song: "Tricia George - Silent _E_"
Thu Jun 27 21:17:48 DST 2019
Song: "Trevor Rabin - Get Smart Theme"
Thu Jun 27 21:19:12 DST 2019
Song: "Tommy Shaw - Girls With Guns _Album Version_"
Thu Jun 27 21:23:44 DST 2019
Song: "Wall of Voodoo - Ring of Fire"
Thu Jun 27 22:04:46 DST 2019
Song: "Tom Waits - Little Drop of Poison"
Thu Jun 27 22:08:05 DST 2019
Song: "Tom Smith - Can_t Get the File to Play"
Thu Jun 27 22:11:45 DST 2019
Song: "Tom Lehrer - Lobachevsky"
Thu Jun 27 22:14:43 DST 2019
Song: "They Might Be Giants - Token Back to Brooklyn"
Thu Jun 27 22:15:35 DST 2019
Song: "The Who - Who Are You _Live_"
Thu Jun 27 22:22:32 DST 2019
Song: "The Vogues - Five O_Clock World"
Thu Jun 27 22:24:38 DST 2019
Song: "The Ting Tings - That_s Not My Name _Soul Seekerz Dirty Radio Remix_"
Thu Jun 27 23:05:08 DST 2019
Song: " - Norfolk Southern_ What_s Your Function"
Thu Jun 27 23:06:11 DST 2019
Song: "Amber Pacific - Video Killed the Radio Star"
Thu Jun 27 23:08:48 DST 2019
Song: " - BSR Closing Final 2019-04-24"
Thu Jun 27 23:12:39 DST 2019
Song: " - BSR Closing RAW August 1979 WNBC signoff START AT 13m 02s"
Thu Jun 27 23:14:49 DST 2019
Song: "Stream Is Down"


  1. I try to keep the Spotify "BSR Soundtrack" updated every week.


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