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Marketing e-mail that might be a bit too curious for work

A company that I do business with apparently is introducing a new product or rebranding itself. They sent the e-mail shown above (and below) to me a day or so ago. I don't normally expect bulk e-mail questions concerning my orientation. /me falls out of my chair laughing Bomb Shelter Radio will be broadcasting at 8PM US/Eastern on Thursday. I hope you can join us. for all the details Cheers, Illya

9/5/2019 Show Is Cancelled

Just quick note to let you know there will not be a show tonight. Nothing serious, I am just feeling under the weather and three hours of rant won't do my sore throat any good. See you next week! BTW, If you haven't already, read The Andromeda Strain and see the original film. Both are quite good.