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What will you use to listen to BSR?

So, in about seven days BSR will be back on the air.

For some folks, connecting to BSR will be old hat. The server is in the same location it was during our last million broadcasts, and they already have a streaming application they are familiar with. For others, this may be a new experience (and if so, welcome aboard!) or they need a refresher. Rather than try a one size fits all tutorial just yet, I figured I would start with some basic questions.

What listening tool would you like to use? (e.g. iTunes)
What operating system are you on? (e.g. Windows)

This will help us develop a few tutorials to get folks started. Please let us know in the comments.

And now, your moment of zen…


PS: In theory this should post automatically to the slack channel as well. It is interesting to see the difference between a tool that encourages collaboration (slack), and one that is a closed system (facesplat). The welding of blogger and slack is a pretty easy IFTTT recipe. FB not so much... this will be posted manually (ugh).


  1. I don't know what I will use to listen but not iTunes unless I really have to. (I honestly don't recall what I used before)
    Windows is my operating system.

  2. I run Linux Mint and have MediaPlayer and VLC installed.

  3. After some experimenting last night it seems that just clicking the link in Chrome or Firefox will play the station. Which shouldn't be surprising as we've all had the experience of browsing to a site and being blasted with sound from some music or video that we did not expect to play as soon as we opened the page. So I would say that it is much easier to listen to BSR without much effort/knowledge. It might take more to get into the Slack chat room. :)


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