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Star Wars Day - Well played, Norfolk Southern, well played...

A long time ago (today) in a galaxy far, far away (Twitter)... Taken from the NS Corporate Twitter at: May the 4th Be With You. Happy #StarWarsDay . Burlington Northern Santa Fe also got in on the fun. You can see that at The other big railroad in the eastern USA apparently didn't get the memo.

This is Comm Station Epsilon Nine calling USS Columbia.

Epsilon Nine: This is Comm Station Epsilon Nine calling USS Columbia. Come in, Columbia. Respond, please. Columbia: This is Scout Columbia, Epsilon Nine . Could you boost your transmission? Epsilon Nine: This is Epsilon Nine, Columbia. Am boosting output. How read you this? Columbia: Fine, fine. Thank you, Epsilon Nine. Receiving your transmission. Epsilon Nine: Scout Columbia, NCC-621 to rendezvous with Scout Revere, NCC-595 on Stardate 7411.4. Further orders will be relayed at that time. Signed Commodore Prober to Starfleet. End of transmission. Columbia: Received. Thank you. -- Star Trek: The Motion Picture