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Bomb Shelter Radio - The Naked Time

I hope you are having a fine afternoon.


Just a quick note to remind everyone that we are doing a show this evening, 8PM Eastern Time here in the US or 00:00 UTC. If you need a link, head over to

Tomorrow is Mrs. Illya's birthday. If you happen to follow her on Facesplat, give her a shout out tomorrow.

I hope you can join us tonight.


PS: "The Naked Time" was the 4th Episode of Star Trek (original series)

PPS: Blast from the past, an early header graphic for the BSR website...

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Trade Shows and Security Stuff

Did you know we are broadcasting tomorrow at 8PM? It would be great if you could join us.
I spent yesterday at a IT vendor-run summit. Now, I used to be in the business of working and running these things, and I was fascinated by the current state of vendor giveaways.
(Old man noises) Back in the day when rocks were soft, you might get a stress ball, pens, notebooks, or bags adorned with a vendor's logo. Occasionally you would get a T-Shirt or something a bit fancier. Once in a blue moon you might get something really spiffy. I remember Digital Equipment Corporation's Ultrix giving out Lucite paperweights with VAX chips in them, and I used to work for a company (TGV) that would give out Tie Dye T-Shirts.
Often these were not the most useful things, but nice enough and functional.
Contrast this to yesterday...

More than one vendor was giving out branded sliding door Webcam covers (potentially cooler than a Post-It note). This particular one came with a dummy microphone jack (p…

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" --- "I think so, Brain, but if they called them 'Sad Meals', kids wouldn't buy them!"

I'm amused by Burger King's double-edged promotion running this month. Pissed, YAAAS, DGAF, Salty, and Blue "real" meals instead of the competitor's product which advocates that there is only one state of mind. Put together in conjunction with a mental health advocacy group, the campaign reminds us that people feel a lot of different things, and hopefully by poking just a bit of fun at the competition along the way, that mental health is something to be discussed and not hidden or ignored.Like any edgy marketing campaign, some people like it... some people hate it. Of course, any press is good press for Burger King in this case. One can hope it will also take a small chunk out of the stigma around mental health awareness.For someone who has struggled with these issues, I think the campaign is a cute idea. It may not make a huge impact, but we are still at a phase of infancy where any impact is better than none. Having said that, I have found one flaw in the campa…

Thanks Metro!

A number of Buses have failed to arrive, and the situation underground isn't any better. I've been waiting over an hour to start my commute home. The start time for the show (8pm) is at risk. We will have a show tonight, it probably will be delayed.

... small, located underneath the town's castle church in a converted potato and beer cellar. Today, the remains of the underground facility are open to the public having been converted into ...

I'm looking at the headline for this post and thinking that I am a bad person for writing a clickbait line :-)

A quick reminder to all that Bomb Shelter Radio will be on the air tonight starting at 8PM Eastern Time (00:00 UTC/Zulu). You can grab the link to listen at

You should also consider joining our slack chatroom so you can chat with the DJ, the station staff, and the rest of our amazing listeners! You can grab an invite from and the instance is known as bombshelterradio.

Last week's winner of Cthulhu Dice was Grayhawk, who won two "Never Give Up! Never Surrender!" wristbands. Congratulations on being the only sane player at the end of the game!

Finally, here is a fascinating article about missing cubes of uranium, beer, nuclear fission, Nazis, potatoes, chandeliers, and the University of Maryland... Daily Mail - Hunt for Hilter's missing uranium: Physicist reconstructs Nazi attempts to build nuclear re…

Bomb Shelter Radio - The Night Of The Deadly Bed

Author's note - I've taken to naming some of these articles with the titles of TV show episodes. This one is from thesecond episode of The Wild Wild Westin 1965.
It has been a crunchy week, a lot of mental sand in the gears, and a lot of nerve-fraying news out there. Hopefully during the show tomorrow we will be able to relax a little bit and laugh at life's foibles. The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Big Bang Theory have reached major milestones, and I think we will skip conversation concerning that. Anyway, I ranted on BBT last week, so that would be a repeat... 
You did hear that rant last week?
If not, show archives will be up soon enough.
I hope you will join us this week. You can find the listen and slack links on our website at See you Thursday!
And now, your moment of WA?
"7-Eleven's Beer And Cider Delivery Service Is Launching In 18 Cities"

The article claims "This is life changing". WAAAAAA? HUH?
Having beer delivered…

False Tsunami Alarm on Long Beach Island, New Jersey

We are having a show this Thursday at 8PM US/Eastern. No false alarm there.

Meanwhile, along the Jersey Shore, a story of a test warning that went a bit farther than needed. 

"Two New Jersey Police Departments Issue False Tsunami Warnings"

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Two New Jersey police departments startled residents with a false tsunami warning. Harvey Cedars Police Department tweeted on Monday afternoon that a tsunami warning would be in effect until 2:06 p.m. -- More at CBS Philly (Channel 3)

Longtime listeners to BSR may remember similarities to the story of the Emergency Broadcast System scare of 1971.

See you Thursday!