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Apollo 12 Lands On The Moon +50yrs

#Now November 19, 1969, #Apollo12 makes the second human landing on the Moon. While the preliminary landing site was anticipated to be 1000 feet from the 1967 Surveyor III lander, Pete Conrad and Al Bean landed just over 500 feet away. Follow along on this video. — NASA History Office (@NASAhistory) November 19, 2019

Fighting the monster

It is a typical day at work. I'm caught up, for the most part. The weather is good. I had a good lunch, and by many measures all is well. Except for the monster. The monster is a thief of good emotions. It is difficult to keep the monster at bay, but I keep trying. I go to the Doc, I take my meds, I meditate, and I try to keep myself reasonably fed and watered. It isn't easy, and it is never done. That frustration alone can make it worse. So, why write about it? In my own way, I am trying to defang the monster by not keeping it a secret. I don't hide my depression or treatment, I'm upfront about it... without being in your face about it. Many folks suffer in secret, not wanting to deal with unfair stigmas associated with the disease. I was there a long time ago, and I do know that it can get better, albeit imperfectly sometimes. So, I'll keep fighting the monster. Like many other situations involving monsters, fighting is much better than surrendering to