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Good: Escape Velocity 2019, Good: BSR on Thursday, Bad: Another fine example of racism in America

EV 2019 Security Chief Charles Wheeler in the center seat, 
with Illya manning the helm
It was a good weekend.

I spent the weekend staffing at the Escape Velocity convention in Maryland which was run by the Museum of Science Fiction. Lots of cool exhibits, panels, and gaming. It was also nice to get back to staffing conventions after a year and a half hiatus.

Besides staffing, I managed to come in first (three-way tie out of eight) in the annual OGRE tourney. As a parting shot, I nuked the hex where my office is located in downtown DC.

Batman '66 Batmobile
I also participated in the National Security Decision Making game for the first time. I was way over my head trying to play a Chinese Industrialist, but I learned the game system and I look forward to trying the game again in the future. I just wish my cunning plan to drop the Monkey Island space station on the new Space Elevator terminal had succeeded.

And obviously I took a lot of pictures, and got to see many friends.

It was a fine weekend, I look forward to EV 2020. 

Illya babysitting a Dalek in the gallery

Tri-State Ghostbusters Response Vehicle

Illya's OGRE Assault Force 

Wow, Blogger's WYSIWYG editor is really confused by all these pictures.

Last week I was sad to see a continuing trend in DC where hordes of school children decide it is cool to buy/wear "Make America Great Again" hats. While the words are generally positive, the association with isolationist, racist, sexist and other awful policies of the current administration just make my blood boil. To see children, who likely don't see the negatives and positives behind the phrase embrace it scares me. They are our future.

Finally, on the off chance you think racism isn't (sadly) alive and well in America, here is a "Moment of Zen" for you. File this under "pathetic."

Newsweek: Raging White Woman With a Gun Tells Black Couple to Leave Mississippi Campground: 'Racism Is Alive and Well'
National Strategy Decision Making Game
Item card for a Chinese Space Station

NSDM News Feed

I hope you will be able to join us tomorrow.

EV Security standing orders


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