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"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" --- "I think so, Brain, but if they called them 'Sad Meals', kids wouldn't buy them!"

I'm amused by Burger King's double-edged promotion running this month. Pissed, YAAAS, DGAF, Salty, and Blue "real" meals instead of the competitor's product which advocates that there is only one state of mind. Put together in conjunction with a mental health advocacy group, the campaign reminds us that people feel a lot of different things, and hopefully by poking just a bit of fun at the competition along the way, that mental health is something to be discussed and not hidden or ignored.Like any edgy marketing campaign, some people like it... some people hate it. Of course, any press is good press for Burger King in this case. One can hope it will also take a small chunk out of the stigma around mental health awareness.For someone who has struggled with these issues, I think the campaign is a cute idea. It may not make a huge impact, but we are still at a phase of infancy where any impact is better than none. Having said that, I have found one flaw in the campaign.I like Burger King. I buy their products anyway. I'd buy this... If it were available anywhere near the Bomb Shelter. Such are the first world problems of living in a dull part of the United States.CNBC: Burger King faces backlash after linking ad campaign to mental health, showing the risks of cause-based marketing Our congratulations to Punky, who won the Trivia Contest last night. He correctly remembered the legendary "This one time, at Bennigan's..." unfinished BSR story was about formed DC Mayor Marion Barry. Punk wins a Never Give Up, Never Surrender wristband!I hope you will be able join us next week, and if you were with us last night, thanks for listening!!!Cheers,Illya


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Friday July 18th, 1969 14:46 - Apollo 11 mission day 3 of 9 - 302,400 Kilometers from Earth, 3,807 km/h, Command Module docked with Lunar Module.  Apollo 11 Photograph AS11-36-5378 I'm 67 years old. Every day, the future looks a little bit darker. But the past... even the grimy parts of it... keep on getting brighter. -- Sally Jupiter src Sally Jupiter is a character in the comic Watchmen, which should be required reading... echo "Depression is a bitch." | sha512sum | fold -w 40 fe2f6b788e2a59bde4123f1deee9ef0305824069 63ab80cf74252a629c22fa1fa82a6faa6f77f1cd 3e0cd69b1487212aa070c769f098d8281b676f54 69a4eccc  - There will be a show tonight. I hope you will join us. Cheers, Illya

Getting ready for our first show

Good day! Tomorrow at 8PM US/Eastern time is our first show of the new season. Here are a few reminders on things you should consider doing in preparation to enjoy the show. The primary place for station news, schedules and information is the website and the blog . During the show our listeners, DJs, and station administration folks gather in a "chat room" on slack. Join us on slack at . If you need at invite to the slack instance, click here . Make sure you have a music client that can read an Icecast mp3 stream (M3U filetype). The VLC Media Player is an excellent choice if you don't already have something installed. The server is located at . WinAmp and iTunes also work well.  We play the game Cthulhu Dice in the slack instance during most broadcasts. You can find the rules on the Stev

What will you use to listen to BSR?

So, in about seven days BSR will be back on the air. For some folks, connecting to BSR will be old hat. The server is in the same location it was during our last million broadcasts, and they already have a streaming application they are familiar with. For others, this may be a new experience (and if so, welcome aboard!) or they need a refresher. Rather than try a one size fits all tutorial just yet, I figured I would start with some basic questions. What listening tool would you like to use? (e.g. iTunes) What operating system are you on? (e.g. Windows) This will help us develop a few tutorials to get folks started. Please let us know in the comments. And now, your moment of zen… Cheers, Illya PS: In theory this should post automatically to the slack channel as well. It is interesting to see the difference between a tool that encourages collaboration (slack), and one that is a closed system (faces